The World's First Elastic Vault

Earn yield on your AMPL

Hedge against negative AMPL rebases

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Elastic Vaults: The Basics

What Are Elastic Vaults?

Vaults (such as those developed by Yearn Finance and Harvest Finance) are applications that help users earn yield on their crypto assets in a variety of ways.

Elastic vaults (an innovation developed by the AmpleSense DAO) will allow holders of rebasing tokens like Ampleforth to earn yield.

But, unlike existing vaults featuring rebase tokens, elastic vaults will leverage the Ampleforth rebase — rather than ignore or disable it.

How will the First Elastic Vault Work?

Our first elastic vault works as follows:

  • Deposit AMPL: Start earning yield on your AMPL with one click
  • Leverage the Rebase: The vault will emit EEFI rewards to stakers when AMPL is in negative rebase or equilibrium (no rebase)
    • This will allow vault users to hedge against negative rebases and generate yield when the Ampleforth protocol is at equilibrium
  • Benefit from a Deflationary Crypto Asset:  Supply of vault reward tokens (EEFI) on the market will decline during Ampleforth expansion cycles (positive rebases)

When will the vault launch? The vault will officially launch after March 18 (See the infographic on this page for more details.)

Rewards and Airdrop for kMPL Stakers

The vault will deliver a portion of rewards to holders of the kMPL governance token who have deposited their coins into our Pioneer Vault.

kMPL stakers will also receive an an airdrop of elastic vault reward tokens before the vault launches. This airdrop is scheduled to occur shortly after March 18, 2022. 

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