Rationale for the DAO

The cryptocurrency landscape is evolving more rapidly than ever. Market cycles that once took years to play out now evolve in the span of months. The rise of Bitcoin and Ethereum have generated massive interest and funding. Also, the market is now benefiting from a period of intensive development and innovation that took place between 2017 and 2019 (and continues to this day).

Because of this, Ample and other elastic assets are facing an intensely competitive landscape where teams are building and regularly releasing new elastic finance assets. However, it is imperative that robust and well-considered use cases for elastic finance solutions be aggressively developed and released to the market.

As an independent, community powered organization, the AmpleSense DAO’s primary goal is to foster the development of a diverse and high-impact ecosystem of products and services utilizing Ample and other select, high-quality elastic assets.

Note: It is not within the DAO’s mandate to provide governance for the Ampleforth protocol itself (or for elastic protocols not developed solely by the DAO).

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How is the DAO Supported?

The DAO’s initial operations (Web properties, smart contracts, etc.) were funded by its three founders. Click here for an overview of the DAO’s Treasury, which supports ongoing operations. DAO Treasury expenditures are subject to community review and approval.

The AmpleSense DAO Community Hub

The AmpleSense Community Hub is a custom-built social networking and governance platform developed by the DAO. The Hub is where proposals that benefit the elastic finance ecosystem are submitted, discussed and approved by the community. Its other purpose is to help create a global network of elastic finance users and boosters by improving awareness, adoption and understanding of the elastic finance subsector globally.

AmpleSense DAO Leadership Team

davoice321: Operations, Global Strategy, Innovation and Product Development

He is a business, strategy, innovation, and technology expert and global thought leader with decades of hands-on experience. He has also provided behind-the-scenes advisory services to cryptocurrency projects and protocols over the last several years.

SolomonSollarsNSense: Business Development, Partnerships and Industry/DAO Member Engagement​

He has been in the Bitcoin | Crypto space for a decade as a Contributor, early Hater, and early Investor. He hails from the first blockchain community to formulate the DAC | DAO model and participated as one of their original 101 Delegates for DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus, which is a blockchain consensus based on the DAO concept. He enjoys content creation has formal education in filmmaking (BA in Film Directing and Masters in Film Production from DePaul University). Solomon will focus on EeFi thought leadership, communications, business development, and culture building. This is for AmpleSense, AmpleForth, and the larger EeFi movement.

CryptoKav: Technical Infrastructure, Project Management and Engagement
He has several years of experience as a strategy and operations consultant in the US retail banking space. He enjoys discussions around game theory, monetary policy and systems thinking. Kav is a graduate of Cornell University and specializes in financial and economic policy.