An Independent, Community-Powered Organization Accelerating the Global Elastic Finance Ecosystem

The AmpleSense Decentralized Autonomous Organization (ASDAO) is a global independent, community-powered project focused on improving understanding and adoption of elastic finance. 

The ASDAO invests in projects, applications and initiatives that promote and utilize Ample and other elastic cryptocurrencies. The DAO’s governance token is KiloAmple (kMPL).

Investing in tools and solutions that grow the elastic finance ecosystem.

Fostering and guiding productive and actionable community dialog and conversation.

Driving broad global adoption of products, services and applications utilizing elastic assets.

Forging alliances with others interested in growing the global elastic finance (#EeFi) economy.

The AmpleSense DAO: Igniting Community

Elastic assets (and the rebase mechanic) are as disruptive and impactful as Bitcoin and Ethereum.  The AmpleSense DAO harnesses the community’s energy to build a robust, knowledgeable, engaged and proactive ecosystem around elastic finance. 

Join the Global AmpleSense DAO Community

Supporters, members and others are gathered at the Hub, a social network where you can learn from, connect with and and engage the vibrant, diverse and welcoming global AmpleSense DAO community. 

AmpleSense DAO | Est. 2020 | | DAO Community Hub